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Attention all car owners!

If you are looking to raise cash quickly  we can now offer a short term funding solution using your car as security. If you have a luxury car free of finance , you can release the moneytied up in your vehicle on a short term basis. The cash can be used for any purpose, e.g a deposit on a house or to ease a short term cash flow problem. During the term of the loan the car would be stored in a secure facility and would be delivered back to your door when the loan is repaid. The interest rate will vary depending on the individuals credit worthiness .

Although the interest rates on this might be quite high at circa 4% per months this will provide many individuals and businesses a life line. If you consider it  is very difficult to obtain refinance against a luxury vehicle and the min period is usually two years the flexibility that this product offers may actually prove quite good value. It doesn’t matter how bad the applicants credit is , so long as you are prepared to hand over the keys and you can prove title finance will be available to just about anyone. Please give XL Business Finance  a call today to see how much cash we can release against your pride and joy.


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