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Commercial Mortgages and Bridging Finance

In the current economic climate there seems as though there are opportunities to purchase commercial property at a discount. Whether it is your landlord wanting to release some cash or a phoenix business buying a property off an administrator a slightly different approach to commercial mortgage lending could result in a much higher loan to vale being obtained.

The very best loan to value one can expect is 70%. However if you are buying a property at below market value most banks and mortgage companies will only advance 70% of the actual purchase price. If the valuation comes in lower they ill only advance 70% of the valuation in affect which is lower of the two.

However certain banks and commercial mortgage companies have slightly different lending criteria if the transaction is a remortgage rather than a purchase. This is where bridging finance can come in useful. A bridging company will only go to 60% of the valuation which could still be more in real terms than 70% of the purchase price. At the same time a remortgage will have been agreed with a prime funder at 60-70% of the valuation. Briding finance is expensive and so in a an ideal world you would only want to be exposed to the bridging company for a maximum of a month.

Used in the correct manor  bridging finance can be a useful tool to obtain the maximum possible loan to value against a commercial property

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