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How do I refinance existing plant and machiery

Without a doubt we are in for a difficult 12 months. It is difficult to see how the the recently government announced cost cutting will not have a negative effect on the economy. As a business the most important thing will be to protect itscash flow. It is also important not to to be at the beck and call of your clearing bank ( or worse). Anyone with a large overdraft may find themselves in a tricky position. One way to help protect your cash flow is to refinance existing plant and machinery. Admittedly this will only work for businesses which operate some heavy duty equipment however it is an option open to many businesses that may need some extra cash.

Refinancing of existing plant and machinery is a very specialist sector and one that is not normally undertaken by the high street banks. XL Business Finance has over 10 years experience of arranging such finance and as such we will undoubtedly be able to help your find the best possible financing options. Most specialist asset finance companies have very similar pricing structures so the thing that differentiates them is their appetite for a particular sector. Certain asset based lenders are very good at print but not at engineering and so on and so forth. They all use slightly different means to value kit so as an independent broker we will know which lender is best at valuing what sort of kit. This level of expertise and knowledge will help you save time and expense in obtaining the best deal.


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