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Trade Finance

Trade finance, Business financing, Manchester, Cheshire, Lancashire, UK

XL Business Finance offer Trade Finance. We understand how frustrating it can be when your working capital is locked away in your business. You can find yourself in a catch-22 situation. You have a big order, but the funds you need to fulfil it are tied up. And you can't access those funds until the order is delivered. So you are forced to watch crucial deals disappear. It’s a situation you need never experience again with our Trade Finance service.

How Does It Work?

  • Advances from up to 80% - 100% of the confirmed order value, to pay your supplier.
  • Trade Finance will pay your supplier or open a letter of credit.
  • You deliver the goods and trade finance invoice your customer once goods have been delivered to and accepted by them.
  • Charges are between 2% and 4% of invoice values.
  • Any monies available up to 80% - 100% of the sales invoice value, less the amounts paid to your suppliers, less fees can be used.

With Trade Finance service, the finance company will collect the money from your customer and pay you the balance between the order value and the amount paid to your supplier, minus  fees and cost of money used, once payment has been received by finance company

Sales Facility

You want additional funding to finance single or multiple transactions with creditworthy customers.

  • You deliver the goods to your customer obtaining proof of delivery and acceptance of the goods.
  • You invoice Finance Company for the goods at an agreed discount, usually between 2% and 4% of the sales price.
  • Finance Company advance you up to 80% -100% of the value of your invoice.
  • Finance Company invoice your buyer for the full amount and collect payment according to your agreed terms.
  • Finance Company pay you the balance less our administration fees and cost of money used, once payment has been received.

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