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Asset Finance Leasing cont

Tuesday, November 10th, 2009

High street finance companies are what we would balance sheet lenders. They are more interested in the strength of the business in terms of how long it has been trading, how profitable it is , the size of the net worth and the affordability of the new project or capital investment. If your business ticks all the boxes than they will offer a hire purchase or finance lease facility. High street finance companies take less notice of the actual piece of equipment or machinery you are purchasing however tend to categorise different types of equipment offering differnt levels of security.

Asset lenders are less interested in the balance sheet but more in the actual value of the equipment. Asset lenders will obtain a valuation of the equipment or machinery to be financed or refinanced and Will lend a percentage of its perceived forced sale or trade value. Therefore it is quite possible that a business might buy a piece of kit costing £100k and an asset lender will put a forced sale value on it of £60k however might only lend £48k needing the customer to find a substantial deposit.

Therefore if you are struggling to obtain a traditional finance lease or hie purchase facility with a high street laender or balance sheet lender it is possible you might find yourself caught between a arock and a hard stone. Your company isnt strong enough on paper for the high street lenders but the value of the equipment isnt enouugh to make the project work because you dont have enough deposit. Unfortunately there is very little inbetween at the moment as their are fw finance compnaies left in the middle ground.

To make sure you have the best chance of succeeding with a high street finance company you need to make sure that the proposition is presented to the finance company in the best possible light. XL Business Finance has over 10 years experience in dealing with complex proposal on behalf of customers and our expertise in this area will greatly enhance your chances of success.  If the high street is a non starter we also have the expertise to deal with the asset based lenders to structure a deal which may enable you to move forward.

Asset Finance Leasing

Monday, November 9th, 2009

The last 12 months have certainly been difficult in terms of organising asset finance. Finance companies are taking are very strict approach when it comes to underwriting. Many of the bank owned  high street finance companies  are only lending to their own customers and some are not lending at all. Bank of Scotland and Barclays appears not to be providing any leasing deals at all and others are doing so on a restricted basis.  HSBC will only provide facilities of over a £100k and Lombard are only lending to Nat West and RBS customers.  Therefore thee are only a few options when it comes to hire purchase and asset finance leasing. Thankfully XL Business Finance has over 10 years experience in the market and has the means to add value to any capital expenditure product by knowing which companies are in the market and which are not.

Although there are signs that the economy is picking up we are still technically in a recession and I believe that it will be many years before we get back to how the asset finance market was before the credit crunch. It is virtually impossible to obtain funding for intangible investments unless you have a very strong balance sheet or you are prepared to pay a very high interest rate and provide personal guarantees. Therefore computers, telephone  systems  and any high tech equipment is even more difficult to obtain funding for in this difficult market. There are a few finance companies prepared to advance £10k per customer on this basis but it is no guarantee.

Otaining  finance for what is perceived to be machinery and equipment which you may think has good value for security purposes can also prove difficult. Unless you can get finance from a high street funder which look at the strength of your balance sheet you might be caught between a rock and a heard stone.  More on this later.

Invoice Discounting

Thursday, November 5th, 2009

Invoice discounting is a form of invoice finance providing the financial freedom to grow your business. This form of discounting is usually provided on a confidential basis meaning your customers are unaware that you are using a invoice discounting  company. As such the invoice discounting provides a flexible form of finance enabling a business to release 90% of their unpaid invoices. Recently XL Business Finance has been advising a number of business with turnover in excess of 20m that have been disillusioned with inflexible high street  banking institutions. The good news is that there are a number of specialist lesser known banks specialising in businesses with larger turnover. There are not many institutions capable of handling such large corporate businesses but we have the expertise to matchyou with the most suitable funder.

XL Business Finance regularly introduce invoice discounting to two or three finance companies some of which are foreign owned. These  funders  have been established with the sole purpose of specialising in the UK invoice discounting market. I guarantee you probably haven’t heard of these finance companies however their personnel are of he highest quality and have the ability to structure the most complex of deals. All of our customers have been highly impressed with our recommendations.

Refinance existing plant and machinery

Wednesday, November 4th, 2009

The ability to release cash from the equity in existing plant and machinery is providing a life line for many UK based businesses. Cash can be released for just about any purpose and so long as there is some value in your equipment a deal can be done for just about any type of company irrelevant of its trading performance.

It is even possible to release cash even if your existing finance agreements have not reached the end of their term. Providing you have a copy of your finance agreement XL Business Finance will be able to do a rough calculation of your settlement figure. If you can also provide a list of your equipment we can obtain a rough valuation for refinancing purposes. As a minimum we will need age , make and model of the equipment you wish to refinance. There re a number of potential finance companies that are able to refinance existing plant and machinery and all use slightly different methods to value the kit for refinancing purposes. Remember that this is a very specialist market asset refinnace  and that any valuations are obtained on a worse case basis or forced sale basis. XL Business Finance has the expertise to approach the finance that will provide the best valuation for your particular equipment. One finance company may be strong in the construction market for example whereas other finance companies might be good at printing equipment. We guarantee we get you speaking to the most appropriate funder for the type of equipment to be refinanced and for your particular circumstances.

Invoice finance

Wednesday, November 4th, 2009

Invoice Finance is still the fastest growng commercial financial product available. The ability to release cash against unpaid invoices can provide the financial freedom which the traditional banking products so often fails to deliver. The good news is that there are still many finance companies offering invoice finance and as such it is relatively easy to obtain funding. Which finance company is best for you depends on the your particular circumstances. XL Business Finance has experience in organising invoice finance for businesses turning over £70k to big PLC  companies with turnover in excess of £30m. We have the expertise and knowledge to help guide you through the manydifferent  options and match you with the most appropriate finance company.

As with any type of finance high street banks try to be all things to all men and in reality don’t often do the job as well as an independent finance company. An independent  invoice finance company is not bank owned and obtains funding from private and independent sources. Therefore an independent invoice finance company tends to be a little bit more flexible and approachable than a high street finance company. However there are certain high street banks that are particularly good in niche areas. For example one high street bank is very good at doing international trade finance whereas another high street bank is very good at doing construction invoice finance. The point is that a good independent factoring broker can save a business time and money by recommending the most appropriate finance company.

Obviously there is other criteria which we take into consideration. The geographic location can be important but not paramount. Te length of time the business has been trading. The profitability of the business. The quality of the debtor book to be funded and whether there is any adverse credit all need to be taken into consideration. And the good part is that our service is totally free of charge. It doesn’t cots you a penny to be put in touch with the most appropriate invoice finance company.

Leasing plant and machinery

Monday, November 2nd, 2009

As an independent finance company we are certainly busier than we have been for the last 12 month. The level of enquiries and business written during September and November has been back to pre recession levels. Wether this remains at this level remains to be seen but  there are certainly some encouraging signs. Hopefully we have finally turned the corner however we envisage it will be many months and possibly years  before the financial institutions and banks start freeing up their lending criteria.

This time 12 months ago we were seeing many businesses putting plans on hold and unwilling to commit to any capital expenditure projects. And who can blame them not knowing the severity and duration of the forthcoming recession. Now 12 months on and I think the general consensus of opinion is that whilst things are not great they probably are not going to get any worse. Therefore if a business can make their plans and plant and machinery investments  work in the current climate there is an attitude of lets crack on with it because when business really picks up we will be well placed to reap the rewards.

Although we are hopefully out of the recession banks and finance companies will remain to be tight for months and even years to come. Combined with the lack of liquidity in the finance markets it will be still remain difficult to arrange hire purchase and leasing facilities for the foreseeable future. There are few leasing companies actively lending and many of the banks are looking after their own customers and only the good ones at that. Fortunately there are still a few funders still lending money and a good independent finance broker will be able to source the most appropriate funding.  It is most important that all the correct financial information is presented to the appropriate finance company to ensure the best chance of success.  This is where XL Business Finance has many years of experience and expertise and we will endeavor to make sure your finance needs are fullfilled.


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