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Sale and leaseback

April 16th, 2011

Sale and lease back involves the refinancing of plant and machinery to enable a business to raise cash for any puropse. XL Business Finance is undertaking a number of these projects for a variety of different reasons. At the moment we have 4 deals going through this week however the interesting point is that we are using 3 different fiannce companies. All finance companies have a niche or a comfort zone with a particular sort of customer, sector or type of equipment. Which one is best for your business depends upon your own personal circumstances.

Need equipment finance?

April 15th, 2011

Obtaining equipment finance can still be a bit tricky in the current environment. The high street banks are still being very difficult although they can do some fantastic deals for their own customers. However not everyone wants to use their own bank as many business owners understand the merritts of not having too many eggs in one basket. XL Business finance for the right customer can arrange equipment finance that will be just as competitive as many high street banks. This will leave valuable funding lines open with your bank for expenditure programmes that are not available for equipment finance.



Invoice Discounting Companies

April 14th, 2011

Invoice discounting can provide cash against up to 85 % of unpaid invoices however there are so many invoice discounting  comapnioes to chooose from.  How do you know whidch uis the right provider for your business.

We all know there are the high street banks providing invoice discounting facilities. There are providers that are owned by lessor known banks foreign banks which tend to havce their own atonomy. And then there are the independents that are not owned by the banks but  are privately owned. Which funder is best for you depends upon your own particulkar circumstances and  a good invoice discounting broker will certainly be able to add value in the process.

Why use a factoring broker!

April 13th, 2011

XL Business finance has been trading for over 10 years and during that time we have developed an in depth knowledge of the UK factoring market. We know at lease 20 different factoring companies each of which has their own unique selling point.

During this time we have placed deals with just over 10 different factoring companies each of which could offer a little something which their competitors couldn’t. for a example a southern based factoring company can be very different from one in the north. Not that there is a north south divide but more because we think you should be local to your particular factoring company.,


Asset For Disposal

April 12th, 2011

From time to time XL Business Finance has access to assets that have been on Hire purchase or Finance Lease facilities and have been repossessed. Whilst high street finance companies tend to send most of their equipment to auction the smaller asset based lenders will try and find end users. There are often commercial vehicles, coaches light commercials engineering equipment and printing equipment that are available on favourable terms. Whilst these lenders try not to give the repossessions away for nothing they often can provide favourable finance terms especially if the business doesn’t meet normal lending criteria. If your business is looking for a particular piece of kit it is worth letting us know what it is and we will keep an eye out


Need 100% Export Finance?

April 11th, 2011

A business manufacturing prepaid telephone cards recently approached XL Business Finance needing funding for 3 single debtors all of which were based on the continent. Having been declined finance from their own high street bank they were delighted to find that a factoring and export finance facility was available via a specialist factoring company.

Although the provider was a substantial financial institution and one of Europe’s biggest banks this particular factoring company were not interested in taking on the clearing banking or doing the commercial mortgage. Therefore the business was able to carry on using their existing finance company for clearing which kept the overall banking relationship on an even keel.


Import Finance

April 10th, 2011

XL Business Finance has recently helped a business import wine from France. Although the business had recently been formed and was therefore unable to obtain funding from a high street bank, the business had  a large confirmed order from a well known supermarket. The import finance company was able to provide a finance facility on the back of the confirmed order. 100% funding was provided to the customer to import the wineand upon delivery to the supermarket a factoring facility provided an additional 90 day funding. A complete funding solution was provided from start to finish. Stand alone import finance is also available but it certainly helps when it comes to obtaining funding if you either have confirmed orders or a track record

International Trade Finance Explained

April 9th, 2011

Trade finance can cover business exporting goods  and services ( export finance) or it can cover business importing goods and services ( import finance). Whilst certain high street banks can be very good at providing import and export facilities there are alternatives that can help businesses that are not eligible for bank funding for whatever reason. Again with any type of funding it is possible to obtain alternative views from specialist and independent trade finance company that can provide viable, flexible and competitive alternative to the banks. It is quite often possible to obtain a higher level of funding due to their expertise in particular market.

Is it getting easier to obtain business finance?

April 8th, 2011

In our opinion  obtaining business finance is still not getting any easier. Banks in particular are dammed if they do and dammed if they don’t. Onone hand we can proportion some of the blame to the banks for their cavalier lending policy over the years. However don’t forget that the greed of the consumer and lack of regulation from the government is partly to blame. On the other hand the banks have crawled into their shells mainly through lack of availability of cash but also because the quality of the applications they are seeing probably doesn’t meet their lending criteria. Admittedly the lending criteria has probably tightened but who came blame the banks when most of the UK’s SME businesses appear to be on a knife edge.

The good news is that their there are plenty of independent business finance insitutions coveing invoice discounting , factoring , commercials mortgages, trade finance and asset based lending providing viable and accessible alternatives to the high street banks

Invoice Discounting and bad debt protection

April 6th, 2011

It is commonly thought that bad debt protection or credit insurance can only be provided by the the incumbent invoice discounting or factoring company. It is a little known fact that credit insurance can be provided by an independent third party.

Often the bolt on products provided by banks and high street factoring and invoice discounting companies can be expensive and provide inferior cover. An independent can often provided greater levels of cover for the same customers , at a lower cost and with more protection. As far as we are aware there is only one or two high street finance companies that provide bad debt protection in the event of a protracted claim. Most high street funders only pay out in the event of insolvency which is in contrast to most independent insurance companies that as a matter of course provide cover in the event of a protracted dispute. Worth comparing then


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