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Bank Loan or Hire Purchase

Tuesday, March 29th, 2011

It is becoming increasingly common for high street banks not to offer hire purchase or finance lease facilities especially for transactions sub £50k and even sub £200k with one bank. Although your bank may offer funding  for purchasing plant or machinery they are increasingly doing so by term loans. These loans are not necessarily secured against the assets being purchased but are agreed based on the trading performance of the business and security such as land already being in place. Although you may get a slightly cheaper rate than by going to an independent asset finance broker you run the possibility of tying up future lines and overexposing your business too much with one financial institution. If you can do we would recommended spreading the risk about!

Asset Finance in an MBO

Monday, May 24th, 2010

Asset finance can play an important part of the overall consideration in a management buyout. Although it is often the last piece of the jigsaw it can make the difference between making a deal happen and not making a deal happen. Furtherm0re it is imperative that you get a decent asset finance broker to coordinate the best possible deal.

Once upon a time it was very easy to obtain a cash flow loan from a high street bank against the overall facility. A cash flow loan is an amount a bank will advance based on the profitability of a business. Before the credit crunch and the recession these cash flow lends were relatively easy to obtain as the banks were awash with cash and fighting tooth and nail to do deals. How things have changed. An MBO is nowadays funded by the cash within the business ( if there is any), refinancing any property using the debtor  book  via factoring or invooice discounting and more often than not some deferred consideration.

In terms of the asset finance you will obtain funding from a specialist asst based lender. Refinancing of plant and machinery for such purposes is a very specialist market and it is mot usually provided by the high streets banks and finance companies as they do not have the same expertise. There are currently about half a dozen asset based lenders and they all do things sligtly differently. They all have a niche area and value different types of kit in different sectors slightly differently.

Success in finding finance for a new printing press

Tuesday, April 27th, 2010

Last week XL Business finance was approached by a London based printing company that  needed  finance for a second hand print ppress costing approximately £80,000. Although the business was profitable and there was a strong rational for the purchase the deal did not tick all the right boxes for a high street finance company. A well known print finance company was fully exposed at around £250k and were unable to advance an further funding. We received the enquiry via our website and very quickly we were able to secure a hire purchase facility with a privately owned leasing company. This is a prime example as to how a asset finance broker can add value when it comes to organising hire purchase and finance lease facilities.

XL Business Finance has been helping similar businesses for over ten years and as such we have developed a reputation as one of the leading finance brokers in the country. At a time when many of the high street funders are still reluctant to bring up the shutters we can source alternative funding arrangements. Dotted around the country there are many independently owned leasing countries that all have a niche which can accommodate most situations. In addition many of these finance companies will not accept deals from any old asset finance  brokers. Unfortunately there are a few bad uns that give us good uns a bad name. Many of them are inexperienced retired bank managers that don’t know how to structure a deal. In order to have the best possible chance of getting your deal agreed make sure that the broker you are using is experienced and has an asset finance background


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