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Need equipment finance?

Friday, April 15th, 2011

Obtaining equipment finance can still be a bit tricky in the current environment. The high street banks are still being very difficult although they can do some fantastic deals for their own customers. However not everyone wants to use their own bank as many business owners understand the merritts of not having too many eggs in one basket. XL Business finance for the right customer can arrange equipment finance that will be just as competitive as many high street banks. This will leave valuable funding lines open with your bank for expenditure programmes that are not available for equipment finance.



Equipment finance in 2011

Thursday, January 27th, 2011

The hire purchase and leasing market in 20011 is predicted to remain fairly tight and restrictive. There are still a few high street banks offering decent rates and there are still a few independents offering prime rates also. The fact remains that are still fewer finance companies than there were before the credit crunch.

Although there are a few finance companies entering the market. Aldermore at the beginning of 2010 and much later in the year Conniston came across the water from Isle of Man. with any new finance comapnies entering the market this is great news however there is always a bedding in period as they find their place within the market.

Asset based lending remains strong although there a fewer options than there used to be, The most obvious company being Davenham which ceased trading at the back end of 2010.

As per usual if you have a very strong balance sheet it can be relatively easy to obtain funding for asset and equipment finance. It is also relatively easy to obtain funding if you have plenty of value within your equipment. The problem arises is if you have a weak balance sheet and you need to purchase or refinance assets with very little residual value. Caught between a rock and a hard stone comes to mind.

XL Business finance has helped many businesses with their capital expenditure plans. We provide an honest and straight forward approach and always have the businesses best ineterst at mind. Give us a call today to find out how we can help you.

Sourcing Equipment Finance

Thursday, October 21st, 2010

Any business wishing to organise equipment finance for new or used capital purchases may find that the banks not very accommodating at the moment. Any Managing Director or Finance Director may possibly not know who to turn to . It also appears that the choice of finance company appears to be continually diminishing. The good news is that XL Business Finance has the expertise and experience to source hire purchase and finance lease facilities from a variety of lesser know finance house and independent companies.

In addition even if the bank are offering a facility it is advisable to consider an alternative  hire purchase or finance lease deal provided by a third party funder. The banks tend to offer funding by way of a commercial loan. As they will probably not secure the loan against the equipment itself they will only lend against the strength of the balance sheet or the amount of available security. This may have implications for raising finance at future dates as valuable funding lines may have been exhausted. Therefore if the equipment to be purchased has some value, it is Durable, Identifiable and Moveable than it maybe possible to organise third party funding

XL Business Finance has many years experience in arranging lease facilities for all kind of things including, computers, printers, office furniture, racking are but to name a few

Obtaining Lease Finance for digital printing equipment

Tuesday, March 16th, 2010

There seems to be a trend for businesses to be investing in digital print technology. We are seeing many traditional litho businesses investing in digital equipment which will enable them to produce high quality short run work at a competitive price. We are also seeing many businesses bringing their print requirements  in house and investing in digital printing equipment which seems to have come of age in terms of quality and cost. For many businesses the investment is a no brainer in terms of the investment paying for itself however obtaining the necessary funding can prove a challenge for many businesses. This article may help you understand as to what is achievable in terms of finance.

XL Business Finance has been helping businesses with business finance for over ten years. Whether it be finance lease or hire purchase we can structure the application in order for you to get the best chance of success. The problem is that all finance companies will view digital kit as unsecured lending and therefore the business must have a very strong balance sheet, be trading for more than 3 years and be profitable. If finance is not forthcoming with a prime lender then a business may find themselves caught between a rock and a hard stone. The business isn’t strong enough for a prime or high street finance company however the other sort of finance company is an asset based lender which will view the kit as have no security and as such will not provide funding. There are a number of sales aid finance companies which specialise in financing this sort of kit however they all require personal guarantees and they will only lend a max of £10k per director. For obvious reasons most directors don’t like to provide guarantees but for many businesses this may be the only option.

Grants for Improving Your resource effeciency

Monday, March 15th, 2010

If your business is planning to make a capital investment that will reduce carbon emissions, waste or water consumption than your business may be eligible for a grant. The project must contribute to reducing CO2 emmissions  and generate wider environmental benefits.  XL Business Finance has teamed up with a firm of  local accountants that specialise in obtaining grants and business funding. Experience shows that if a specialise company apply on your behalf you have a much greater chance of success. Combined with equipment finance from XL Business Finance a project that otherwise may have been out or reach suddenly becomes a possibility.

There are however a number of criteria. Projects that have already started will not be eligible  and cannot be funded. The minimum capital expenditure spend must be at least £20,000 There are also a number of restrictions to the grants which include production of synthetic fibres, textiles and clothing, shipbuilding, coal and steel, agriculture, food processing, banking ( bankers don’t deserve any money in any case), insurance , education, local social welfare. In addition all other possibilities of funding must have been exhausted included bank loans and EFG funding. So long as the project is either for  water usage, energy generation and control, recycling, information technology, transport or waste reduction then it is worth giving us a call.

Financing Equipment from a Foreign Supplier

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

Financing eequipment from a foreign supplier might not be as straightforward as one would think. Strangely however the larger the transaction the easier it is. Different finance companies have different views of what can and cannot be done so it is worth speaking with a good independent finance broker that can guide you though the various options.

There are only a few finance companies that can help with hire purchase or the finance lease of equipment from a foreign supplier. It is always worth trying to get the finance in place well in advance of you actually requiring the facility. As most finance companies will agree a facility for a max of 90 days it is best working out your options no more than three months in advance.

There are two ways of funding equipment in this way. The first is for the customer to purchase the equipment from the foreign supplier. They will have entered into an agency agreement authorising the customer to purchase the quipment on behalf of the finance company. In the terms of the agency agreement it will have been agreed that the finance company will then provide a finance lease agreement or a hire purchase agreement to the customer. Certain finance companies will will only transact these agreements at a certain level because of the  amount of paperwork involved. The other disadvantage is that the customer must be expected to pay for the goods up front. Sometimes if the foreign based supplier  requires paying in advance then this can be the only way to finance plant and machinery supplied by foreign suppliers.

If there is a good relationship with the foreign supplier  you may still have to enter into an agency agreement however it may be possible  for the finance company to pay the foreign supplier direct. For this to happen the goods must have landed on the UK so the finance company can inspect the goods.  It may even be possible to structure a deal so no VAT is paid to the finance company. This only works with non UK invoices. Give us  a call to find out!

Guide to Refinancing

Friday, August 7th, 2009

XL Business Finance is one of the leading specialists in refinancing plant machinery and existing equipment. Refinancing existing equipment is completely different from traditional equipment finance and here are a few tips to explain and make the process a lot easier.

1. Identify why there is a need to raise additional cash

2. Provide a list of equipment and machinery to be refinanced. The age , manufacturer, model will be required as a minimum. Provide any other information which may help to increase the refinance value such as any extras, original cost, condition and usage.

3. If the equipment is the equipment subject to any finance agreements settlement figures will be required.

4. Are the existing finance agreements hire purchase or finance lease as it will make a difference to the settlement procedure and  VAT treatment?

5. Are there any debenture holders? If a business has a bank overdraft or uses factoring or invoice discounting they will have a charge over the book debts and a floating charge over the assets. A debenture waiver will be required to release the assets and it is important to that the relevant funder is approached early in the decision making process.

6. Is there a Landlord? If there is a landlords waiver will be required before the equipment is refinanced. A landlords waiver will prevent the landlord from distraining against the equipment in the event of non payment of rent. It will also give the finance company a period of time to sell the equipment. A landlords waiver is usually  90 or 180 days and the longer the period the bigger the valuation.

7. WE will obtain a desk valuation. This gives us an indication of the value of all the equipment to be refinanced. XL business finance will use our expertise to get  the best possible valuation. Depending on the type of equipment we will obtain different valuations from professional valuers, dealers and various finance companies.

8. Personal guarantees. These are not always essential although it will help obtain a higher loan to value. Sometimes a limited personal guarantee can be taken

9. Directors warranty. A warranty confirms the goods are free from encumbrance  and ensures the goods are returned to finance company in the event of any default situation

10. Collating paperwork . Coordinating the paperwork is important to ensure the transaction is seamless from start to finish and ensures funds are drawn down as quickly as possible.

Lloyds Blame HBOS for £4bn Losses

Wednesday, August 5th, 2009

Apparently the LLoyds banking group has made a pre tax loss of £4billion in the first six months trading of this year. This is the result of Lloyds taking over HBOS where an unprecedented amount of risk taking led to its failure and ultimate bail out by the tax payer.

I bet LLoyds wish they hadn’t bothered now. More interestingly  if the bad debts of HBOS are stripped out, LLyods would have made a operating profit of £6bn. It makes you wonder what sort of cretins were running HBOS so that £10bn of bad debts have effectively been written off in the first 6 months of this year.

The outlook is that LLoyds will right of more bad debts in the second half of this year, but thankfully not as many. The long term outlook is that LLoyds are predicting a recovery in 2010.

Up until the credit crunch we saw many risky deals being done not only by HBOS but by other prime lenders as well. Not only were these deals being done in the traditional banking sector, very risky deals were being done on equipment finance. We were seeing some hire purchase and finance lease deals being agreed which in our opinion it would be unlikely a second or third tier funder would approve.

Not only that, once a deal was agreed no account of the risk was taken into consideration and the deals were being priced too cheaply. Bank and asset finance is a risk reward business and financial institutions have an obligation to balance their portfolio in terms of risk and pricing. It appears the banks have learnt their lesson and for the time being rates will continue to be priced accordingly.

Euro Deals

Monday, January 12th, 2009

It may be worth mentioning it is possible to write larger hire purchase and leasing deals in Euros. In view of the very weak pound a business may be better off drawing the funds in Euros and paying the finance company in Euros. This will only work if its operates a euro account which will therefore eradicate any exchange rate fluctuations. Obviously any business equipment finance facility is subject to credit approval!

Obtaining asset finance in the credit crunch

Friday, November 28th, 2008

So the banks have been told to start lending money to businesses and individuals to help kick start the economy. The truth is the banks have had their fingers burnt (deservedly so, some may say).

All high street banks and finance companies have tightened their underwriting criteria. Some have withdrawn from certain sectors and some have withdrawn completely. The result is that there seem to me more deals knocking around the broker market as customers are trying to find equipment finance for their acquisitions and investments.

The problem is that the second and third tier funders are awash with more deals than they have ever had. In uncertain times and possibility of a long recession, these second and third tier funders are cherry picking deals. They are concentrating on hard assets with good residual value, strong covenants and a good PG. Their attitude is a ‘take it or leave it’ mentality, as they know the customers have little choice. Interest rates tend to be on the higher side as they know the banks and high street finance companies are not playing ball.

The result is little choice and higher rates. It is now very difficult to organise finance for new start businesses,  high tech equipment and businesses with a poor trading history. The good news is that there are still funders which can cover most eventualities (however there are fewer of them) and a good finance broker has never been able to add as much value.


XL Business Finance Ltd is a privately owned and independent business financing company with established links to many of the UK's leading finance houses. XL Business Finance provides a viable alternative to high street banks that lack the flexibility and imagination to provide a solution to most business users requirements. XL Business Finance can provide a full range of business financing solutions and we ensure a high level of customer service and pride ourselves on quick decisions. Our independent status will ensure any offer of funding and asset finance leasing is best suited to our customer’s needs.

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