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How do I refinance existing plant and machiery

Friday, October 22nd, 2010

Without a doubt we are in for a difficult 12 months. It is difficult to see how the the recently government announced cost cutting will not have a negative effect on the economy. As a business the most important thing will be to protect itscash flow. It is also important not to to be at the beck and call of your clearing bank ( or worse). Anyone with a large overdraft may find themselves in a tricky position. One way to help protect your cash flow is to refinance existing plant and machinery. Admittedly this will only work for businesses which operate some heavy duty equipment however it is an option open to many businesses that may need some extra cash.

Refinancing of existing plant and machinery is a very specialist sector and one that is not normally undertaken by the high street banks. XL Business Finance has over 10 years experience of arranging such finance and as such we will undoubtedly be able to help your find the best possible financing options. Most specialist asset finance companies have very similar pricing structures so the thing that differentiates them is their appetite for a particular sector. Certain asset based lenders are very good at print but not at engineering and so on and so forth. They all use slightly different means to value kit so as an independent broker we will know which lender is best at valuing what sort of kit. This level of expertise and knowledge will help you save time and expense in obtaining the best deal.

Refinance existing plant and machinery

Wednesday, December 30th, 2009

It is possible to refinance already owned plant and machinery to release cash for just about any purpose. There are only a few finance companies capable of doing such financial transactions and most of them are independently owned. It is very unusual for a high street finance company to do such transactions. They simply don’t have the expertise to carry out such transactions. It is not as simple as raising an invoice from the company to the finance company. there is faf more to it than that. XL business Finance has been trading for over ten years and is one one of the uk’s leading asset finance broker. We genuinely believe that if we cannot sort the finance than it cannot be done. To find out how refinancing existing plant and machinery can benefit your business then read on.

Most asset lenders provide funding on a similar costing which incidentally is considerably higher than any bank funding. This is because the asset based lenders will borrow money from the banks at a normal commercial rate put on a margin and lend it to businesses wishing to release some cash. These asset lenders your their experience and expertise to lend businesses money which the banks are not prepared lend. These specialist lenders know exactly how to value equipment. They will obtain valuations from professional valuers, trade dealers and use their previous experiences in particular equipment. Based on this info they will lend a percentage as what they think is the trade value. The documentation is a little more complex than a straight forward hire purchase or finance lease transaction. These finance companies also know their exit route. If a piece of kit comes back from  a distressed business they know how to dispose of the kit quickly and at the best possible price. This will also protect the directors whom may have provided personal guarantees


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