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Guide to Refinancing

Friday, August 7th, 2009

XL Business Finance is one of the leading specialists in refinancing plant machinery and existing equipment. Refinancing existing equipment is completely different from traditional equipment finance and here are a few tips to explain and make the process a lot easier.

1. Identify why there is a need to raise additional cash

2. Provide a list of equipment and machinery to be refinanced. The age , manufacturer, model will be required as a minimum. Provide any other information which may help to increase the refinance value such as any extras, original cost, condition and usage.

3. If the equipment is the equipment subject to any finance agreements settlement figures will be required.

4. Are the existing finance agreements hire purchase or finance lease as it will make a difference to the settlement procedure and  VAT treatment?

5. Are there any debenture holders? If a business has a bank overdraft or uses factoring or invoice discounting they will have a charge over the book debts and a floating charge over the assets. A debenture waiver will be required to release the assets and it is important to that the relevant funder is approached early in the decision making process.

6. Is there a Landlord? If there is a landlords waiver will be required before the equipment is refinanced. A landlords waiver will prevent the landlord from distraining against the equipment in the event of non payment of rent. It will also give the finance company a period of time to sell the equipment. A landlords waiver is usually  90 or 180 days and the longer the period the bigger the valuation.

7. WE will obtain a desk valuation. This gives us an indication of the value of all the equipment to be refinanced. XL business finance will use our expertise to get  the best possible valuation. Depending on the type of equipment we will obtain different valuations from professional valuers, dealers and various finance companies.

8. Personal guarantees. These are not always essential although it will help obtain a higher loan to value. Sometimes a limited personal guarantee can be taken

9. Directors warranty. A warranty confirms the goods are free from encumbrance  and ensures the goods are returned to finance company in the event of any default situation

10. Collating paperwork . Coordinating the paperwork is important to ensure the transaction is seamless from start to finish and ensures funds are drawn down as quickly as possible.


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