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Business factoring services

Business factoring services, Account receivable factoring, Manchester, Cheshire, Lancashire, UK
Business Factoring Services are offered by many different companies across the UK, so which one to choose? XL Business finance have been offering business factoring services for many years. A well established and respectable factoring broker is worth their weight in gold. By choosing the right factoring company for your business you will save time and money as you will be introduced to the most appropriate funders from the start.

Invoice factoring

Invoice factoring is the immediate injection of cash against value of outstanding invoices. Also known as account receivable factoring, invoices are raised up to 90% of the invoice value is released within 24 hours, the remaining 10% is paid, less a small service fee, once invoice factoring payment is received from the customer.

Business factoring services are usually free unlike asset finance where commission is added into the deal. The factoring or invoice discounting company will pay the factoring broker from the income they would normally charge.

There are many variations of factoring/account receivable factoring including;

  • Confidential factoring - similar to account receivable factoring but with the added addition of confidentiality

  • Non-recourse factoring - with the addition of bad debt protection,

  • Export factoring - helps businesses to develop overseas profitability with confidence, the Company can decide whether to use in-house multilingual team or worldwide.

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Invoice factoring


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