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Equipment Finance

Equipment finance, Equipment financing, Manchester, Cheshire, UK

XL Business Finance can assist with capital purchases from as little as £1000 upwards. We have experience of equipment finance across many different types of equipment; plant & machinery, computers, telephone systems, industrial racking, commercial vehicles, yellow plant & machinery, printing, packaging and engineering equipment etc. Remember that equipment finance can actually be cheaper than paying cash. We also give manufacturers 'own brand'' finance schemes to speed the purchase procedure.

Equipment finance can improve cash flow

Hire Purchase or leasing is often cheaper and more tax effective than buying equipment as this can be costly and drains liquidity. With regular repayments to meet your cash flow and budgetary requirements over a time frame to suit you, equipment finance is a method of funding which keeps money in your business rather than tied up in depreciating assets. It’s a cost effective alternative to paying cash.

Banks are best suited to providing overdrafts for working capital or loans secured against bricks and mortar. Equipment finance provides a viable alternative to this. Equipment finance uses the asset which is being funded as security; therefore a business can have more than one equipment finance company.

It is the use of equipment in a business which produces benefits.

Equipment finance delivers that use, giving the flexibility to structure payments that maximise customer returns over the life of the agreement. This is the key principle.

Equipment finance also provides the ability to set payments against taxable profits improving tax efficiency for customers liable to UK taxation. 

Costing depends on how long the business has been established and the type of asset being financed. See also new business financing.

Hard assets such as printing machines, coaches and engineering equipment are known as hard assets and typically offer excellent security therefore for the best business can command the cheapest rates.

Computer equipment, telephone systems and furniture are known as soft assets and as such provide less security but can still be financed with the right choice of finance company. Equipment Finance and Leasing currently provides solutions to corporate customers, public sector bodies, the professions and a diversity of sole traders and partnerships.

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