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The Greenfield Group

In 2002, The Greenfield Group Ltd went through a period of reorganisation in all six of its different businesses. The manufacturing business needed significant specialist capital expenditure and it was to XL Business Finance that Group Financial Director Simon Nichol turned for help with the task of organising bespoke business finance.

In the intervening years XL Business Finance has arranged lease purchase and finance lease for various capital projects.  Frequently market tested, XL Business Finance as an independent finance broker has consistently proved to provide the best possible deal from a range of financial providers.

The Greenfield Group Ltd is now a thriving and profitable international business with operations in North Wales, China, South Africa and the United States. The Group has rationalised into 3 distinct separately managed businesses with worldwide customers and supplies; the diversity of the Group has helped it to thrive even during the most testing of times.

XL Business Finance has also provided important financial advice in other areas of funding which has helped in the development of the business.

The Greenfield Group Ltd has an ongoing program of capital investment in all areas of the business to take the Group to the next stage of its development.The Group intends to capitalise on the various worldwide opportunities which continue to present themselves and XL Business Finance is delighted to be part of the Groups plans. Simon Nichol, Group Financial Directors, says that “XL Business Finance continues to provide best price funding solutions and we are happy to use and recommend them”.

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