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Receivables or Contract Finance

Account receivables, Contract finance, Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham

Improve your cash flow with Receivables or Contract Finance

Receivables or contract finance, enables suppliers of equipment and providers of  services to raise cash against the total future value of their contracts releasing cash for any purpose.

  • Any business or supplier that has a contract into the public or corporate sector could benefit. Unlike factoring or invoice discounting that will only release cash against invoiced goods and services, receivables or contract finance is available against the total future value of contracts over a period of up to 7 years.
  • This type of funding is extremely versatile and can be tailored to provide highly flexible payment terms to coincide with income from any qualifying contract.

There are many benefits to receivable finance

  • The obvious is to release a cash lump sum at the start of the contract.

For many businesses there is a much greater cash requirement at the start of a contract as there is often a need to invest in new equipment or to improve existing infrastructure.

  • It will also allow for future expansion or acquisitions
  • It can help fund future contracts partially or in full
  • Comply with PFI/PPP guidelines for public sector contracts
  • Facilitate deferred or extended payments term again assisting with cash flow

XL Business Finance has experience of arranging funding against contracts into NHS Trusts, Telecoms, software PLC’s and internet providers are to name a few.



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