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Small Business Finance Solutions - Answering your business needs.

Small business finance, small business financing, Manchester, London

Looking for financial help to fund your small business?

Small Business Finance is an area in which XL Business Finance has a great deal of expertise. As an independent finance broker we understand the problems of small business finance, arranging equipment leasing and machinery finance for example.

Often a small business must undertake a large capital equipment investment in order to grow. However the balance sheet of the business is often not strong enough to justify Hire Purchase or Finance Lease facility. But without the capital investment the business can not grow and become more profitable. At XL business finance we call this the chicken and egg scenario

Help is at hand. There are many specialist small business finance companies which specifically help with these capital expenditure projects. They are not normally high street banks and finance companies but smaller lesser known business financing companies. A good independent finance broker will know and have a good working relationship with these funders and will be able to provide you with workable business finance solutions.

However it is not just the large investment we can take care of. It is often difficult to obtain finance for small amounts as well. At XL Business Finance we can provide small business finance for investments from as little as £1000. This could be useful for providing tax efficient leasing for office furniture, computer equipment and telephone systems are to name a few.

Once we have provided you with the finance for your capital expenditure as a specialist factoring broker we can provide you with a factoring, debt factoring or factoring invoice discounting facility.

Finding a good factoring company is very important for a small business.  A specialist factoring company can often be better than bank as they add value by providing excellent service and customer care

As an independent factoring broker XL Business Finance can provide you with the best factoring or confidential invoice discounting facility to meet your specific requirements.