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Finance for business - Who we can help

Finance for business, Business finance, Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds UK

Virtually anyone!

We offer finance for business navigating the abundance of different options in the business financing market, tailoring a deal specifically for you. XL Business Finance has access to many of the UK’s leading finance companies together with a large number of privately owned specialist lenders.

Finance for business can be obtained for just about any circumstance. Whether it is a large blue chip and profitable business not wishing to have all their finance with the bank or loss making and insolvent businesses wishing to invest in that profit making piece of equipment, XL Business Finance will find the solution .

Interest rates will  vary depending on the circumstances of the business and the type of deal. Interest rates can be as low as any high street finance company for the right customer. It is also possible to arrange funding in Euros.

XL Business Finance has experience, and is capable of, arranging finance for business consisting of any combination of the following;

  • Sole Traders - Partnerships - Limited Companies - PLC’s
  • Blue Chip Companies
  • Profitable - Non Profitable
  • Solvent - Insolvent
  • New starts - Long establised
  • Phoenix Businesses - Businesses in a CVA

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