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Vendor Finance

Vendor finance, Asset finance, Business financing, Manchester, Cheshire, UK

Vendor finance from XL Business Finance

If you are a supplier or manufacturer of equipment or machinery and you need to offer finance to your customers, we can help.

Why waste valuable time in speaking to two or three different finance companies when XL Business Finance will know exactly which finance company will underwrite the deal. We provide vendor finance solutions nationwide across a wide range of disciplines. A quick turnaround with regards to finance could be the difference between winning and losing that next equipment sale.

Finding the right funding solution for your needs

Whether it is the new start business requiring funding for the first time, or a blue chip company requiring an off balance sheet facility, Mark Redman, Managing Director has 17 years experience in the industry and has the expertise and knowledge to find the right funding solution for your customers needs.

Different finance companies all have different criteria as to the types of deals they will do. We all know that high street finance companies find it difficult to agree funding for new start or businesses with poor trading figures. Our independent status will ensure that we choose the most appropriate finance company and get the best possible deal for your clients.

XL Business Finance works closely with a number of manufacturers and suppliers providing an extremely high level of service and feedback.  We currently provide funding solutions, including vendor finance, for various suppliers and manufacturers. Packaging equipment, printing equipment, fork lift trucks, finishing equipment, telephone systems and photocopiers are but to name a few.

Our service is timely, professional and free of charge. If you would like to know how XL Business Finance can help you please contact us today

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