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Construction finance solutions

Construction finance solutions, Contract finance, Manchester, Cheshire, UK

Construction Finance solutions from XL Business finance are a specialist form of invoice finance available to businesses operating in the building and construction industry.

Sometimes known as contract finance, this is a unique funding solution that is not provided by the majority of the high street banks. Construction finance solutions are an innovative and flexible finance solution which provides you with much needed cash which can be used to pay suppliers and wages or to simply move onto the next project.

Funding can be obtained against the value of your invoices and uncertified applications for work completed under most forms of contract. This provides both an immediate and ongoing supply of cash linked to your sales. In addition the finance facility can be provided in a totally confidential manner.

An added benefit is that it is possible to access a team of dedicated professionals including quantity surveyors and recovery specialists who can manage contractual disputes providing you with professional support as well as working capital.

How do construction finance solutions work?

Like any other invoice finance facility such as factoring or invoice discounting up to 70% of any Billing Application is immediately paid upon receipt of copy docs. The finance company will then liaise with your customer for full 100 % payment of the billing application. Upon receipt of the cash the remaining 30% is paid back to you less any charges.

Credit Insurance

It is now possible to obtain specialist bad debt protection against both your existing invoices and applications for payment, providing you with peace of mind to run your business worry free. In today’s uncertain economic climate is reassuring to know that you will get paid even if your customer goes into administration.

Credit Control

In addition to providing cash, it also possible to save valuable management time by accessing a team of specialist credit controllers who are dedicated to managing and collecting your outstanding contract debts. As mentioned this can be done in a confidential manner therefore not affecting any of your existing relationships.

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