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Export Finance

Export finance, Export factoring, Manchester, Cheshire, UK

Export finance, Invoice discounting or Export factoring work in a similar way to traditional factoring or invoice discounting. Businesses are able to raise cash against unpaid overseas invoices.

How export finance works

Up to 80% of your unpaid invoices can be released up front to provide you with the working capital and freedom to run and grow your business. The remaining 20% is paid to you when your customer pays your invoice. The finance company will pay the remaining 20% to you less a small handling charge.

Export Factoring also provides multilingual Credit Control

Like any other factoring facility multilingual credit controllers will chase and collect outstanding invoice payments on your behalf. As well as maintaining up-to-date sales ledger information, administration and control a good export finance company will use their experience and knowledge of the local market to assist us when collecting payments.  They will always endeavour to contact your customers, whether written or verbal, in the appropriate language.

As part of our complete package of export factoring services we can even help you avoid the uncertainty of fluctuating exchange rates with our specialist currency facilities, so if you need to invoice your customers in different currencies we can help.

International Credit Searches

It is also possible to obtain online credit searches enabling you to establish international credit ratings on either a new or existing customers.  This will be a most valuable tool for any business dealing with the international business community.

Multi Currency Accounts

In order to obtain the complete package it should be possible to obtain multi currency accounts therefore helping guard against the risk of adverse currency fluctuations.


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