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Invoice Financing/Invoice Finance

Invoice Financing, Invoice Finance, Manchester, Cheshire, Lancashire, UK

Looking for an immediate injection of cash?

Both invoice finance and invoice financing provide an immediate injection of cash of up to 90% of your unpaid invoices. The remaining 10% is paid to you when your customer pays your invoice.

This form of invoice financing gives a business control over their working capital and provides an opportunity for growth with the business. Invoice finance has established itself as a necessary and viable alternative to bank overdrafts which are inflexible, often inadequate and can be withdrawn at a moments notice.

Factoring and Invoice discounting explained

There are varying forms of invoice finance however there are two main products- FACTORING and INVOICE DISCOUNTING.

Although both FACTORING and INVOICE DISCOUNTING are both forms of debtor finance they are very different products. XL Business Finance can help you source the most appropriate funding for your business.


Factoring includes credit control as part of the service and is usually provided in a non confidential manner. There are number of variations available within the market place and as ever different finance companies provide different levels of service. Factoring is suitable for any business wishing to outsource its credit control as well as business not suitable for invoice discounting. Not all factoring companies provide the same level of service. XL Business Finance can provide and independent and free assessment.

Invoice discounting

Invoice Discounting can either be confidential or non confidential however the credit control is left in the hands of the business. This form of invoice financing is suitable for larger businesses that have adequate systems and procedures that are necessary to be eligible for such funding. Again not all invoice discounting companies offer the same products and services.  XL Business Finance can provide and independent and free assessment.

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