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Refinancing Existing Machinery

Refinancing existing machinery, Business equipment finance, Manchester, Cheshire, Lancashire, UK

There are many finance companies offering such facilities for refinancing existing machinery from high street finance companies to small and  privately owned finance houses. All have varying criteria in terms of amount of money advanced, deal structure, security required and interest rate. However our independent status will ensure that we negotiate the very best best deal for your business and specific needs.

Refinancing existing machinery and equipment may release cash for:

  • MBO or MBI
  • Cash flow
  • Deposit for a new machine
  • Restructuring Finances
  • Removing reliance on the bank
  • Phoenix Business
  • Most legal and ethical purposes considered

Which assets can be refinanced?

Most tangible assets can be refinanced: Print machinery; Engineering equipment; Yellow plant/equipment; Commercial vehicles; Buses; Coaches; Packaging equipment.

Refinancing existing machinery can be considered if it is durable, identifiable (i.e. has a serial number) and moveable. Depending on circumstances of customer and individual deal, a percentage of the equipment value, up to a max 100% can be advanced by:

  • Sale and Lease Back
  • Loan and chattel mortgage
  • Sale and Hire purchase back

Our guide to;

Asset Refinancing

Asset Refinancing



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